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Unfinished Ghost Story

by Ellen Bone

I am reading an autopsy report of a murdered woman I never knew and who has now been dead twenty years this next month. She happens to haunt the old building where I work part time. I have encountered many spirits over the years, but few ghosts or entities that have not released their hold on this life. Ghosts often have a need to tell their story or to finish something and since construction is to begin soon on the new medical facility and the old building will be torn down...her time to tell her story is short and her need to go to the Light is very real.

As with all lives, and especially those that end in violence, there are all kinds of twists and turns. She was part of a Gypsy tribe that found a place to make a living in this part of Ohio. She was probably psychically gifted and definitely a clever con artist who through her tarot readings extorted large amounts of money from her clients to ward of "curses" and "spells".I can imagine that her life was difficult and complicated living as an outcast and just out of reach of the ever watchful eye of the law. I can only imagine that she was more feared than loved, and disliked than admired.

She walks the halls of the old building that was once a hotel, closing doors,turning off computers and allowing herself to be seen by the evening cleaning crew. In her strange dialect, she talks of her daughters. The story is told that her two young daughters were to be sold ....marriage, one knows, but because she objected she was beaten to near death and then strangled. A horrific death by her own people and then, despite her sacrifice, her daughters were taken away. Suspects fled and no one was brought to trial.

Perhaps she wishes her children to know what happened, or wants to know where they are, or perhaps to retell the story as it really happened... I don't know, yet. 

As I learn her story, as she wishes it to be told, I'll relate it to you.

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