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The Secret Psychic

Reprinted with permission from Mark of Mark's Power Peek at

My staff and I started something last month that has been unbelievable in its effect and I thought that you might see if a variation of this could work in your office, home, or with your personal group of friends.

I've always been touched by the idea of Secret Santa, an office tradition where someone doesn't let you know that they are your Santa and they sneak little treats to your office. Now the truth is, I worked for The State, an entity that doesn't necessarily engender generosity, so my gifts were often little pieces of hard candy but it's the thought that counts (of course my thoughts didn't count because they were often so cruelly judgmental but as is typical, I digress). The Point is, with the Secret Santa, regardless of the gift, was a reminder that someone had their eye on us. It was a sweet idea so we took it just a little further.

Here at The Twelfth House (yes, we are a real store in Denver), my staff and I invented a game called The Secret Psychic. Here's how it works: FIRST PICK A NAME:You put everyone's name in a bowl on paper that you can burn later (we use Flash Paper). Each person carefully and privately picks a name ( you must be sure that NO ONE sees the name you pull except you!). This is going to be the person for whom you will be the secret psychic. Your job is to silently intend that the person gets their goal.. You help by seeing them as already having achieved it in everything they do.

THEN STATE YOUR GOAL: Each person in the group announces aloud what they would like to achieve in the next 30 days. It could be anything but the goals should be sincere. It's okay if someone took notes to summarize the goals of each person. Listen carefully to the goals of the person who's name you chose.

NOW DESTROY YOUR NAME: Carefully burn or destroy the name you pulled with the intention that you will 'Join with that person's goals to see that they are fulfilled'.

You can vary your directions but here's our rules:

-You will NEVER divulge whose name you have. Not before, during or AFTER the 'game'. This encourages our egos to remain out of the loop and fosters love without agenda. If you pull your own name, you keep it (assuming that you need to keep your focus on you). For the next 30 days you will simply hold an intention that BOTH you and the name you pulled get their desire. (You must put your own desire in that goal.)

-Have someone send the list of goals around so that everyone can be refreshed as to the desires (we sent ours by email). Certainly, just because I didn't pull Betty's name doesn't mean I can't visualize her success.

-Meet again in 30 days to review, share and draw new names!

Miraculous things started to happen here. Starting simply with the level of love that started to emerge (but people started sharing breakthroughs right away). Certainly, there are a million reasons NOT to participate in this. Some people don't trust anyone to support them, so why not make that one of your 30 day goals and start playing? In fact, I can already see you in your bliss!

Until Next Week

I'm with you on the Quest,


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