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The Grave in His Hand

by Ellen Bone

He came into my office after about the second year I had begun doing readings as a professional psychic and palmist. I don’t remember much about him except that he was older and his questions were mainly about his business and the possible outcome of some particular investments….and that his hands were quite beautiful.

I usually start with looking at my client’s palms: first the non dominant hand for the past and then the dominant hand for the present possibilities and choices.

I start with the past to see family health issues and to look for mental and emotional sensitiveness and sometimes past dreams and plans. It was while I was beginning this first look that I was struck with amazement by something in his hand. I could feel the sorrow! I could smell the dirt of the grave and I blurted out in my stunned awe, “What did you do with the body?"

His face color seemed to go completely white and then red and then ashen again.

I realized, as I was apologizing for touching on something he had not come to discuss, that he had committed a murder at some time in his teens and ….no one knew. This was a terrible, festering secret and one he regretted (I would not have detected it if he had felt no remorse) and it really did affect and have everything to do with his life and decisions.

I had blurted the basis for each decision he made in all areas of his entire life. I never knew whether if having his secret finally shared with someone else was a help or not, because we finished the reading ……and he never returned.

Lesson: As a mother, I wrestled a bit, when he had gone, with the moral dilemma. Somewhere, someone grieved a lost child by murder and did not know where they were or who had murdered them. Was I obligated to find out more? Should I report it to someone? It was a day or two of soul searching that I finally concluded this man was, and had for a lifetime, been suffering more than I could ever imagine. If I were to continue doing psychic readings, then I must maintain confidentiality and trust and do the reading with complete love…and nothing more.

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