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The Biker's Story

A Lesson in Attraction
by Ellen Bone

I was asked to come to the home of a man who looked like the stereo type motorcycle gang member, big, intimidating, tattooed and abrupt. Beneath that exterior was a man afraid. His life had been tough and rough and I doubt that he was afraid of any man. He had a past that I did not want to see in any way. I get squeamish when someone in a movie gets his arm broken. I certainly did not want to look at a life of fighting and death, but he was afraid and asked me to come.

He had in his room a “presence”…something ominous and black and that tried to kill him as he slept. He wanted me to get rid of it. Now because I simply refuse to believe there is anything purely evil, it took me a minute or two to be aware of what seemed to me a thick choking cloud. It wasn’t really visible just felt and at the same time I realized that it was very real and manifested by the biker himself! His fears, shame and guilt were all mentally shaped into a presence.

I suggested he move to another room for a while (practical soul that I am) and then to reshape the entity he had created into something less threatening. He had created a monster completely with his mind and emotion….the same tools he used to finally make it go away.

Lesson: This was a huge awakening for me of how strong a role your emotions can play in your desires and/or fears. If you put enough emotion into anything you desire or, don’t desire, (the mind sees it all the same) you will draw it to you! All the books written on seeing yourself as if what you already exists, is true!

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