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So You Want to Be a Professional Psychic

by Ellen Bone

I have been doing psychic readings as a professional for over 23 years. It is what I love and what I believe is my true soul path for this lifetime. I sincerely believe I am here to help others achieve what they came for by offering readings delivered as accurately and softened with as much compassion as possible. So, I understand the rush of excitement to do what I do.

When I first started doing readings for payment I was terrified. I approached a woman putting together a psychic fair, told her I had no experience with the public, but felt I had the gift and the desire if she would give me a chance. She asked me to read for her, which I did.... and that day started years of thousands of readings.

I have made mistakes along the way...all made from my interpretation of information and not asking a more detailed question. I had to learn to get ego out of the way, allow the information to flow without making it "pretty", and to respect the endless faces of our fellow men. Each time I would pat myself on the back that I was spiritual enough not to be shocked or judgmental by what clients would reveal...well, that is when the Universe would send me the murderer, the pedophile and countless others who all blessed me with their trust and helped me to be a better person. I would not discourage anyone to take on this profession, but it can be a lonely one and filled with sometimes overwhelming responsibility.

You become the sounding board and the keeper of secrets. It is a sacred responsibility and not to be taken lightly. There is plenty of room for all of us who wish to carry on this task, but be sure this is what you want. Once you enter the door, it is hard to retreat. There are many wonderful teachers and books to guide your way. They may be more to comfort you as you learn to interpret what is channeled through you as you already have the gift and the power. Remember that Intention is the key and, to not sound too airy is Love.

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