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Murderer's Thumb

by Ellen Bone

Okay, I've got your attention. If you have ever looked at any old palmistry books and even a few modern ones, you are bound to come to a picture and description of the so called "murderer's thumb".

It is described as a thumb that starts normally from the palm and balloons at the tip in what would look like a small exaggerated club.

I can remember years ago, I was at lunch with a friend just starting her study in palmistry and she looked up from her meal and with an ashen face whispered "There is a murderer seated right behind you!" Well, I immediately began to imagine that she had successfully identified someone from America's Most Wanted. I became a little more than nervous myself when she continued with "oh, my God, look at his hands". Well, I then began to shake thinking that I would be twisting around in my seat to look at a man with the weapon still in his hands!

The man had the "murderer's thumb" on both hands.

What does this all mean? Well, first you can never judge anyone by one character trait. That can be the shape of their fingers to the way they cross their T's in writing. You have to consider the whole. I have done psychic readings over the years for several real murderers...none of them had the club like thumb. I have seen it on some of the most respected and spiritual people in the world. So what does it mean?

The end of the thumb is the "will" of the person and the ballooning out effect is often from someone who contains their strong will to the point that it has to burst out. Sometimes this can be in explosive and harmful ways, but most often these people have learned to channel this explosive energy and will into wonderful projects and dreams. They have learned over time to let it out in small increments and not just "blow" all at once.

So, if you find your thumb matches this notorious thumb in an old book, laugh, and enjoy the strength that it brings and direct it for the good of all.

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