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Money in the Lines of Your Hand

by Ellen Bone

For over 20 years I have looked at the palms of the living and the dead to read or witness the story that is written with the lines there. I feel that each of us willingly chose this human life mission ,but some Divine mind an act of deep compassion...gave us a map so we woudn't get too lost. I think we just forgot how to read the map!

There many books written on palmistry and all of them differ and contradict each other in some degree, which is why learning it can be a bit frustrating. It really is an art that simply requires looking at hundreds of hands.

I call myself a psychic palmist because I "intuitively" sense things in your hand without really being able to pinpoint the exact line. For instance, I may sense that there has been time spent in jail. I may or may not see the line, but I smell the steel and sense the coldness of the bars...that is my psychic sense. Because of this overlap of palmistry and psychic sense I find it difficult for me to teach to others, but it frees me to accept what the lines mean without judgement or completely relying on what others have written.

One of the most frequent questions in palmistry is about money and there are numerous lines that indicate money and where it might come from. Remember one line does not dictate your future! You could have money in your hand but have all the qualities to be a gambler...therefore losing it all.

If you turn your hand palm up you have a thumb, then the Jupiter(index) finger,the Saturn finger, Apollo finger and the little finger is called Mercury. If there is a small curved line at the base of the Apollo finger then you may inherit money at some time in your life. Lottery wins are shown as small triangles inside and against the life line whic is the line running on the inside edge of your palm above your thumb and curving out into your hand to the base of your thumb. A cross in the middle of the palm , depending on what line it is near, can indicate losses before great gains. Sometimes the wealth in the hand is through honors and recognition. Stars and triangles are often good markings in the palm.

I encourage you to find a good palmistry book with lots of illustrations and study your hand. The riches you'll find there are beyond's your map to your path back home.

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