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Laws of Attraction

by Ellen Bone

Fabulous February! Boxes of decadent chocolates given with love and eaten without the guilt. This is also my birthday month and I celebrate not just my good health, wonderful family, friends and business that brings me joy, but the delight that I am not too old to feel the excitement over birthday cards, cake covered with candles and a box or two covered with gaudy wonderful birthday paper. Did I mention I love February?

In this February spirit, I'm ready for another exercise for our powers of attraction. There is awesome power in groups like ours, so let's help each other.

Here's my idea: Think of one goal or wish that you are willing to share with the group. Be specific and send it today. Two names will be chosen next week and the rest of us will collectively use all our abilities…psychically, emotionally, spiritually and physically to help make those two goals a reality. Every two weeks another set of names will be drawn.

For this first exercise, let's not involve relationship as a goal. We'll leave that to other sites like :) As an example, if Karen's (my amazing web wizard) goal was to get six more clients, we would all do something to help make that happen. I might post that I handed out 10 of her business cards at the bookstore where I do readings, or I might post that a person on was looking for a web designer, or I might personally introduce her to someone who needs her services, etc. You get the idea.

All of us have talents and abilities with which we can each help the other. The Laws of Attraction state that "what you think, you draw to you."

Let's think positive thoughts, laced with gratitude and a little chocolate!

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