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Ghostly Sounds and Apparitions

by Ellen Bone

I have always been drawn to the unseen world of spirits and ghosts. I have seen, and many times heard, ghosts, but never in the dramatic Hollywood fashion of clanking chains and eerie screams. So, this month, I joined a paranormal investigative group to see all the scientific hard work that goes into a formal "ghost hunt". I had never been interested for various reasons, but mostly that I did not want to wander around in the dark with a flashlight shining under my chin scaring the wits out of people!

The group I have joined (Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators) has been established for years and is run in a very compassionate and professional way.They are selective about their membership and honor strict confidentiality. I hope to be able to share some experiences without revealing who or where in the coming months.

I remember there was a house our family moved into when I was in high school. The house had been neglected and abused for several years and was scheduled to be torn down to make way for the strip coal mining that was sweeping our part of southeastern Ohio. It was also haunted. The house had been a beautiful old mansion. The nine foot high oak doors that divided the parlor from the living room still remained, as well as the marble fireplaces and the gorgeous curved staircase. We all fell in love with it's old grandeur and charm except for one feature......every Friday evening at 6PM the phone would ring incessantly for an hour. Now that doesn't seem such an odd statement except that we didn't have a telephone! It was a bit unnerving at first, then turned into a ghost hunt to find the ringing phone, but eventually we just got used to it.

My mother, on a shopping trip into the little neighboring town, happened to mention it and the mystery was solved. It seems that the owner and builder of this old mansion took ill and died when traveling away and his body was sent back by train. The train station called at 6PM to let the family know that his coffin was at the station and...evidently no one ever answered the phone. Once we learned the story....the phone never rang again.

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