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Don't Tell Me Anything Bad!

by Ellen Bone

As a psychic and palm reader, one of the most common requests I hear, as a client turns up their palms to me, is "Don't tell me anything bad!". I always answer, "Who am I to judge what is bad for you?"

Although I think several courses in psychology should be required to do psychic readings, most of us are not psychologists. We are not going to give unasked for information that would open or cause mental or emotional wounds. However, the dog dying may seem like terrible news to me, but actually be a relief to the client who may have an animal suffering. The psychic can and should only deliver the information as it comes, and in the way it comes, to the client....no judgement or filter.

I do believe in free will and I also believe in the power of words to influence. So, if I really sensed that the person in front of me was going to die in a car accident soon...I would probably caution them to drive in a more alert mode the next few days so that they could possibly avoid an accident. I would not say that I see them being hit by a green truck! I could cause them to drive erratically at every green truck they saw and possibly cause the accident. So, my words must be delivered to help, not cause harm.

Looking back on your life, how many so called bad things allowed for something really good to come into your life? Maybe not all, but a good many.

I do feel that the psychic should be honest, direct and deliver with as much kindness, concern and love as possible. After all, if we truly are all connected, then the person sitting across from you is of the same light source and very much a kindred angel.

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